We’re on iTunes!

Hey everyone. This is a very important time for the film. The best thing we can do to build some momentum and bring the film to the next level is climbing the charts in iTunes.  So if you’ve been interested in renting or buying the film digitally, that’s the place to go!  Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting the film up to this point.

Click here to go directly to Ecstasy of Order’s iTunes page!

Digital Trends Interview

This is a pretty good interview.  I’d like to clarify that when I said “Not too long ago, film was looked down upon as a medium. Theater was the real thing, and literature was the real thing, but film was this tawdry, seedy thing that you wouldn’t want to put your name on.”  I believe I was slightly mis-quoted there and sadly it doesn’t make sense.  I was talking about film in the 1920s and comparing that to where video games are today.