Store update and soundtracks explained

We have finally completed a full update of our physical merch store.  We now have T-Shirts, theatrical posters, and a new soundtrack CD, this one entitled “complete soundtrack recording”.  Let me take a moment to explain the difference between the two CDs and why they are both worthy addtions to an EoO fan’s collection:

The first CD that has been available all along is the Original Soundtrack Album by Chris Pickolick.  It features only music by score composer Pickolick who contributed about a third of the music in the film.  He expanded upon the music as he saw fit for this album, creating an entirely original work that stands on its own, including tracks and ideas that were deleted from the final film.

The new CD is called the “Complete Soundtrack Recording” and features music by all three artists who contributed to the soundtrack, including Pickolick, Chilly Willy, and Pulse Emitter.  The works appear on the CD roughly in the same order they appeared in the film.  We here at EoO headquarters are huge admirers of Chilly Willy and Pulse Emitter and thusly view this as a must-have.

Which CD is right for you?  Both make great background music for a long session of Tetris, so you really can’t go wrong!